caroline williams


I was one of those little girls who wrote all the time.  I'd scribble stories constantly, usually the first few chapters before I'd get bored with that idea and start another one.

Quite often I was the heroine in some sort of thinly-veiled disguise, quite often rather hard-done-by, and always considerably more athletic/attractive/adventurous than was in fact the case in real life.  But that's one of the perks of being the author.  And if I ran out of ideas I would write myself into an existing set-up, usually involving Hannibal Heyes from Alias Smith and Jones or, at length, Avon from Blake's Seven.  Someone had to break though that steely reserve and I spent hours detailing exactly how this would take place . . . .

The stories ranged from a few paragraphs to several chapters but nothing was ever finished.  I was also exceptionally secretive about anything I'd written, and no-one was ever allowed to see any of it.  This ranged from my diary which was, is, and ever shall be, utterly private, to school compositions which I would be somewhat reluctant to hand in.

So life intervened and other stuff happened, although I still wrote my diary.  Then suddenly I had an urge to write and this time, for the first time ever, I actually finished a novel.  I sent it off to a few agents but had no luck, and then plunged into novel number two.  A very lovely agent is considering it, with some major revisions, but in the meantime I decided I'd give the first book an airing!  Click here if you would like to download to your Kindle.

Am I supposed to put anything else?  Like the fact that I'm an English graduate from UEA, a former marketing manager, am married with one son, and I like singing, playing tennis, genealogy and baking?  No, you don't really want to know that, do you?.